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Portraying your business the right way with professional signage is essential. After all, this is one of the first things clients and the general public notice about your company when they pull into your parking lot. Here’s what you need to know about channel lettering and how it can benefit your business.

What is Channel Lettering?

Essentially, channel lettering is a particular type of exterior signage for the side of buildings. If you’ve ever noticed the company names or logos outside of a high-rise building, then you’ve already seen a channel sign.

Front-lit channel letter signage is designed to look like a three-dimensional image protruding from the side of the structure they’re attached to. You can customize every aspect of your channel sign to meet your company’s needs. The LED channel letters can be arranged to create an eye-catching display that looks great during the day and illuminates at night.

In addition, some businesses opt to use channel lettering inside their business to help add a unique aesthetic or appeal to their brand. Channel letters work great for company logos behind reception desks, in courtyards, and many other interior and exterior formats.

Crunch Fitness Retail Signage
Subway Restaurant Exterior Signage Commercial

What Are the Benefits of Channel Letter Signage?

There are many benefits of using channel letter signage on the exterior of your business location.

First, it offers excellent curb appeal and quickly shows visitors what company resides in the plaza or complex.

Second, this type of LED lighting is evident and offers a ton of flexibility in terms of branding and design. Anything you can think of translates into a form of channel lettering signage.

Finally, channel signs are easy to mount and offer minimal maintenance requirements. Trusting that they don’t have to change bulbs regularly or make adjustments is significant for most businesses.

Choose SIGNLite for High-Quality Channel Letter Signs

Are you looking for quality channel letter signage in Connecticut? If so, our team at SIGNLite is here to help. We offer top-quality materials, tons of customizable options, and full-service design and installation.

Best of all, we have the manufacturing capabilities and talented staff ready to help bring your signage ideas to life. Think of it as having a partner to illuminate your local company’s location. Contact us today to learn more about our available services or receive a no-obligation commercial signage quote.